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Retextuluxe with Salon Science

Retexuluxe. Say it again. It sounds good right?

Well, our friends at Salon Science have done it again with their super smart range of shampoos and conditioners and everything in between with the Swiss Grape collection. There are five products in the Swiss Grape range and their function is to restore and repair so this is great for damaged tresses. I love the smell and colour (it’s a pale purple) of the shampoo!

Salon Science hair care products are developed by the leading experts in plant stem cells and bio-actives and all of the products are underpinned by extensive in vitro and in vivo testing. The collection is comprised of four ranges, each devised to tackle a specific series of problems using a key active ingredient, derived from plant extracts.


Let’s start with the Swiss Grape shampoo.


This shampoo is great for retexturising hair that has been chemically treated (hello highlights)! I have covered Salon Science before in a post – they use plant stem cells (previously only used in skincare) and applied it to hair care and voila, theycombined science and beauty to make a fantastic range of products.

Swiss Grape Conditioner


This contains GSP-T which combines Swiss Grape seed procyanidins and natural tocopherol to protect from damage and shield against colour fade. The great thing about buying an entire range of products is that they all work together towards the same goal and their ingredients compliment each other instead of compete.

Reprotectorant Thermal Creme


This is a protective conditioning spray with grape seed extract to prevent damage caused by heated appliances and protect against daily environmental stress

Recorrect Leave In Treatment


This is a deeply nourishing corrective treatment containing antioxidants that helps to retexturise hair.

Reglosse Smoothing Serum


The smoothing serum contains grape seed extract to instantly nourish dry and frizzy hair, repair split ends and smooth unruly flyaways.

You can buy Salon Science products at Boots and also check out more about their products at www.salonscience.com.


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