Facial Time: Experiencing the Natura Bisse Diamond Eyelift Sculpt

I’ve recently fallen in love with facials again. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved them but recently I’ve loved them even more because I am finding that getting regular facials really helps to maintain my skin tone, look and feel. Whether you are older or younger it’s all about the maintenance and prevention is always better than the cure. If you follow me on Instagram (@beautyrocksblog) you will have seen me this week going to Harrod’s to experience the Natura Bisse Diamond Eyelift Sculpt (with Retinal Infusion). Now despite the name, this is actually an entire ‘face lifting’ and toning facial that helps the whole face in addition to the eyes. Think of it as 50 minutes of pure bliss. 

Natura Bisse Diamond Eyelift Sculpt

Natura Bisse is one of my favourite brands and I’ve just written about a favourite product of mine HERE. So while I’ve tried their products I hadn’t yet experienced a facial. I headed to the Natura Bisse counter in Harrods to check in and was taken to the beauty room which is a small room where you can experience treatments in quiet and comfort. The room is tiny but completely quiet and you can hear none of the hustle and bustle of shoppers outside. 

Natura Bisse Diamond Eyelift Sculpt

The only thing to do was to lay down and let the therapist do her job. I quickly relaxed as I breathed in the Diamond Experience Lavender Neuro-Aroma and inhaled/exhaled deeply. Once I was relaxed the therapist gently touched different points of my body to relax me which indeed worked. As usual the first step of a facial is cleansing. The therapist used the Diamond White Rich Luxury Cleanse on my face, neck and décolleté using a lovely light pressure in circular motions. Once cleansed, my face felt refreshed and lightened – especially after being spritzed with the Diamond White Clarity Toning Lotion. 

Once my face was cleansed it was time for exfoliation which was done with the Natura Bisse Glyco Extreme. Now the Glyco Extreme is actually a glycolic acid peel that you can also do at home. It stings a little on the face (that’s how you know it’s working!) and what it does is that it dissolves the dead skin cells on the skin and also dissolves dirt and grime that is built up in the pores so if you are worried about pores or acne then a glycolic acid peel is worth looking into. 

As the Glyco Peel was left on my face to do its job (10 minutes) the therapist gave me a Balancing Cranial Massage which felt blissful. There is something about someone rubbing your scalp that feels so wonderful and relaxing. If only I could get one every single day! 

Next up it was time for the treatment seeing as my skin was prepped and thoroughly exfoliated and cleansed. The therapist performed shiatsu massage around my eye contour area which really helps to lift and give the appearance of a mini eyelift and with that she also applied the Natura Bisse Diamond Life Infusion Serum using a lifting and sculpting massage with a magnetic mechanised massage tool. The entire thing felt amazing to my tired eyes. My eyes really give away my tiredness a lot of the time and I should do self-massage on them more to give them a more lifted and well-rested appearance. She then applied the serum onto my face, neck and décolleté – still using that relaxing massage technique and following the eye area massage applied the Diamond Experience Eye Cream. 

Natura Bisse Diamond Eyelift Sculpt

After all the lifting and sculpting massage techniques it was time for the Youth Infusion Bio- Mask. If you have ever tried a Korean rubber mask (I’ve written about them before) they are amazing! They actually really help products applied to the face sink in. So what happens next is that the therapist mixes up the mask (it comes in a powder form) and then applies it to the face. It feels like rubber and the interesting thing about this mask is that it is applied all over your face including on top of your eyes and mouth (if you wish) which leaves you only your nose passages to breath out of. So if you are claustrophobic you can opt out of covering the eyes and the mouth but if you want the full benefits I would highly recommend covering the whole face. The mask has to set for 15 minutes so once you have it on you have to let it set. 

Natura Bisse Diamond Eyelift Sculpt

The lovely thing about the Natura Bisse facial is that while your products are working on the skin, the therapist takes the time to relax other parts of your body – your shoulders and head namely as well as arms and hands. I found this a lovely experience and it helps you to fully relax during the experience. Once the mask has set for 10-15 minutes it is gently peeled off like a sheet of rubber – honestly! 

Once your skin is fully treated the therapist applies Diamond White Clarity Toning Lotion, Lip Recovery Balm and Diamond White SPF 50 (my favourite product reviewed HERE). Finally, the facial is finished off with a spritz of Diamond Experience Water and a deep breath of the Diamond Lavender Neuro-Aroma. Ahhhh. 

I definitely noticed my faced looked lifted and plumper post facial and the effects last a few days. It’s a great way to spend an hour of your time if you are shopping in Harrods and the Natura Bisse products are superb. Honestly they are not cheap but they are AMAZING. So splurge wisely. 

To enquire about a facial simply call the Natura Bisse counter at Harrods.


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